How To Choose the Best Grout Colour For Subway Tiles?

Subway tiles are one of the most well-known tiles in the market. These tiles originated in New York and made their way to Europe where they gained immense popularity. These tiles are rather simple looking and most commonly found in white colour grout.

But Recently, the current market trend has shifted towards colored grout with subway tiles. Grout gives the subway tiles a popup look and creates a distinctive appearance in the bathrooms and kitchens.

Homeowners should also pay attention to the choice of grout to give the subway tiles an upstanding look. So in this blog, we have given information about various coloured grouts and also present some essential points on how you can choose the best grout for your space.

What is Grout?

Grout is essentially the filling between the tiles. It is generally a mixture of water, cement, and sand. Grout acts as a filling material and provides a contrast to the tiles. The tiles appear defined and sharp because of the grouting. Subway tiles are popular for bathrooms and kitchens because of their clean and neat look. With perfect grouts, These tiles appear more excellent and help in delivering contrast to the space.

How To Choose The Right Grout For Subway Tiles?

There are certain things homeowners must keep in mind while going for the ‘suitable’ grout. It is, however, quite a tedious process. Let us break down some of the factors that matter when selecting the ideal colour grout for subway tiles for the kitchen and subway tiles for bathrooms:

1. Grout Colour

Generally, grouts are preferred in white or grey colour. There are hundreds of shades to choose from. Each shade is responsible for creating a different aesthetic look. Bright colours are usually tricky to work with and subtle shade grouts offer great contrast. Each grout has its character.

Soft-shaded grouts emphasise the focus on the tiles whereas dark-shaded grouts impart a strong authoritative contrast on the entire pattern. High-contrast grouts look aesthetically beautiful; however, it is significant to understand that such high contrast becomes the centre of attention.

2. Visual Effect

After selecting the right colour for the grouts homeowners must determine the application of the tile. For subway tile kitchens, a cleaner and contrast effect is desired. Monochrome visual effects with light and dark grey contrast also offer great visual effects.

For subway tile bathrooms, a clean and neat look is desired. Bathrooms are a place of self-realisation and reflection. Thus, light-colored continuous visual effects are recommended for the bathrooms. However, it is also important to note that these visual effects work best when the personal touch is factored in. Irrespective of the trend, homeowners’ unique personality determines the net result.

3. Grout Spacing

Grout spacing makes up a subtle effect. The wider the line the more dramatic the room appears to be. A high contrast or retro look would require wider grout spacing and a modern look would require narrow grout spacing. Colour selection also affects the spacing.

Some Popular Grout Ideas

Subway tiles for the kitchen and bathroom can be installed with different colour grouts. Let us break down some of the popular colour gradients for grout:


Light Grey Grout

Grey grout is one of the most popular choices. They look exceptionally beautiful in the kitchen because of the subtle contrast it provides to the space. The colour difference between the tile and the grout is revealed more clearly when opting for a contrasting darker colour such as grey. Whereas light grey grout makes unique patterns.

Light Grey Grout
Alabaster Grout

Alabaster Grout

Homeowners with white, beige, and subtle yellow shades are recommended for this grout. This grout imparts a luxurious look and offers mellow vibes to the environment. Alabaster Grout is a popular choice for kitchens. This grout gives detail to the structure and provides a bit of warmth to the atmosphere. Thus, they are soothing to look at and enhance the surrounding environment.


White Grout

White grout is essentially the subtle form of grout that gives a continuous and soothing look. This grout colour offers a great visual effect when perceived as a whole. The overall texture of subway tiles paired with the white grout is recommended for bathrooms because of their incredibly clean look. Such grout also brightens up the area and thus, bathrooms prove to be an ideal place for white grout.

White Grout

This is all about grout for subway tiles. Grout is just a filler between tiles, but it has a huge impact on the look of your space. So be careful while choosing it. For this, consider the popular grout colours for subway tiles. Also, we hope the above-mentioned factors will help you to select the ideal grout for your space.

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