Subway Tiles: History, Importance And Installation

Subway tiles originated from the United States and made their way across the globe, especially the United Kingdom. Subway Tiles also known as Metro Tiles are a unique type of tiles that almost everyone knows. These tiles were obsessed by the designers to make dark places brighter and appear clean.

These tiles were introduced by the designers of subways tunnels/metro tunnels. These tiles carry a sense of historical importance and are relatively simple looking yet attractive. These became popular for designers in the modern market as they blended with certain environments effortlessly such as bathrooms and kitchens.

The History Of Subway Tiles

The subway tiles were introduced in the early 20th century by the designers of subways tunnels/metro tunnels in New York, USA. Ever since the introduction of subway tile/Metro tiles, they have never fallen out of the trend because of the simple and compact nature of the tile. These tiles are available in various shapes and sizes; such as rectangles, squares, running bonds, herringbone, etc. Due to such availability, these tiles prove to be one of the most perfect sets for bathrooms and kitchens where there is significantly more activity.

A common question that may rise is what are these tiles made up of? Subway tiles are available in both ceramic and porcelain materials. But Subway porcelain tiles are harder, and more durable than ceramic tiles and also offer more versatility. Glass and marble finish subway tiles are also available but are expensive and require a bit more maintenance.

All these features make porcelain subway tiles a good choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Aesthetically we can justify this choice by analysing the simple nature of the tile. You can also use white metro tiles / subway tiles that makes the environment a bit brighter and cleaner, something that is rather important in bathrooms and kitchens.

Importance of Subway Tiles

Subway tiles were introduced in society because of their clean and neat look. Another peculiarity that made it famous was its colour availability such as white, blue, black, brown and many more. These features provide uniqueness and enhance the environment. In the modern market, homeowners are inclined towards something simple, compact, and durable. These requirements are met by porcelain subways tiles for the bathroom and kitchen.

There are several other material tiles available in the market, but we recommend porcelain when it comes to surfaces that are prone to high usability and durability. Over the years subway tiles have stayed persistent in the market and their usability has constantly grown over time. With reforms in technologies and production, these tiles became popular in residential and commercial spaces because of their features.

Installation Of Subway Tiles

Different sizes of subway tiles can be used in bathrooms and kitchens. A standard subway tile measures 3x6 with different patterns. To install subway tiles first we need to figure out the layout of the structure and ensure that there are no irregularities on the surface. Later, we have to find the number of tiles required by dividing the area of the space by the area of the tile. Lastly, you should order a couple of extra tiles to cover waste and other losses.

Over To You

Today, Subway tiles are used for bathroom and kitchen areas because of their simple and compact nature while being resistant to a majority of wear and tear. Along with durability, it also excels in looks. Subway tile is available in various colours, styles, sizes and finishes. The above-mentioned features of subway tiles make them an ideal fit for kitchen and bathroom areas and the same reason is why these tiles never left the trend in the market.

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