11 Beautiful White Metro Tiles Patterns and Designs For Your Home and Workplace

11 Beautiful White Metro Tiles Patterns and Designs For Your Home and Workplace

11 Stunning White Metro Tiles Patterns And Designs

1. White Metro Tiles In Brick Bond Fashion

The Brick Bond White Tiles pattern is a classic and an eye-catcher

In this design white metro tiles are framed horizontally without leaving any gap between them. Just like bricklaying, there are many parallel layers in it.

This classic design gives a fresh look to your living room and bathroom.  Your visitors get a feeling of familiarity. 

If you find brick bond style boring, then you can also use cornflour dyes instead of cement patches. Brick bond style is also a very economical option for you. 

2. Decorate With Straight White Metro Tiles Patterns 

Straight tiling design is another great way to decorate white metro tiles.  This is an alternative to the Brickbond method. There is a horizontal lining in brick bond but in this, you will see the vertical lining. You can find these styles in classic and vintage homes.  So if you want to have a vintage feel then definitely try this design.

3. Enhance The Look With Vertically Styled White Metro Tiles 

A simple vertical arrangement of white metro tiles can also enhance the look of your home. You can come up with multiple themes by adding different patterns to the vertical arrangements.

For example, you can make a beautiful butterfly design on your wall using white and royal blue subway tiles.

4. Create An Eye-Catching Look With Herringbone Style White Metro Tiles 

The herringbone pattern mainly represents the bones of a herring.  It may sound crazy but it is very beautiful. This pattern is a bit difficult to make just like its name, but once made it fascinates the mind. It has both horizontal and vertical stripes.  A slight mistake can spoil the pattern. That's why it is very important to be careful.

Arrange your white metro tiles in a herringbone pattern and mix different colors for an eye-catching look.

5. Turn Your Space Into Modern Art With Staggered Spacing On White Metro Tiles 

Do you remember that we have seen the design of tiles in a brick bond pattern without any gaps?  But now we will do something different.

Many homes use a staggered spacing design with white metro tiles.

This pattern is also considered a part of Modern Art. You can give a miraculous look to your flooring by simulating the gaps with colorful pebbles that remain in it.

6. Grab Everyone’s Attention With Diagonals Style On White Metro Tiles 

The combination of white metro tiles with a diagonal pattern looks absolutely epic. In normal horizontal or vertical design, you need to do a lot of trimming. But when you take the help of a diagonal pattern, you get rid of this problem. The diagonal pattern is stunning in appearance as well as extremely economical. You may also use a different colored tile to bring your attention to a specific spot or highlight in your restroom.

7. Give An Ornamental Look With Chevron Pattern On White Metro Tiles

Another variant on the herringbone pattern. Apply your metro tiles in a chevron pattern for a more ornamental look. Again, a color combination can be really effective; just make sure your wall does not wind up appearing like a roundabout on an A street!

8. A Gorgeous Combination Of Horizontal And Vertical Patterns

If you're weary/tired of putting things in "one way," why not "change it up" with your tiles? A blended design of horizontal and vertical white metro tiles can be a major success in a bathroom or kitchen and can bring The X Factor!

9. Experience Simplicity With Stacked Design On White Metro Tiles 

Let's see the most basic of all patterns: the straight pattern, often known as the stack bond. Because of the increasing emphasis on simplicity and minimalist design, this style has made a significant resurgence in interior trends.

The vertically stacked bond and the horizontally stacked bond are two types of stacked patterns that are now creating waves in interior design! 

10. Give A Modern Touch With Horizontal  Stacking Designs On White Metro Tiles

Horizontal stacking is a very popular design.  Modern trends are also mixed with the normal horizontal pattern. This design provides a modern touch to a traditional tile arrangement. In this design, white metro tiles have been used in a very beautiful linear arrangement with carved grotesques.

A white metro tile backsplash cannot be more conventional, but that doesn't mean you have to keep with a completely traditional aesthetic. Sunwin's white metro tiles are bright and airy. A horizontal stack design on white ceramic tile is a terrific technique to extend a limited area. To prevent an all-white look in this design, use a darker grout for contrast and visual interest.

11. Give Timeless Appeal With Running Bonds Pattern On White Metro Tiles

With a traditional brick look, the horizontal running bond pattern is undoubtedly the most identifiable method to employ white metro tiles. 

Subway tiles in a traditional running bond pattern are one method to give your bathroom a timeless appeal while using current materials! Depending on how you style your accent elements and other construction materials, this tile style may be as classic or as modern as you want it to be! 

While horizontal installations highlight the breadth of the room, vertical installations accentuate the height. When working in tiny spaces, use the vertical running bond, which is a rotated variation of the conventional brick pattern.

Pick Out The Best From Sunwin 

In conclusion, if you're looking for beautiful and high-quality white metro tiles for your home or workplace, consider Sunwin Ceramica. As a leading manufacturer in the industry, we offer a wide range of designs and patterns to choose from, ensuring that you'll find the perfect fit for your space. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Sunwin Ceramica is a great choice for your next tile project.

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